Get to know about LCsys

LCsys is a French company founded in 2009. Strengthened by the vast 
experience of the management team since 1981 in image processing and security cards production, LCsys has developed its own systems for 
digitisation, image treatment, printing and manufacturing of security 




In 2009, LCsys developed its ‘SECURIT’ scanning software. ‘SECURIT’ allows the automatic treatment of coloured or black and white identity pictures (contrast, framing, brightness) for the building of optimal quality computerised files used for the manufacturing of secured cards.

Sécurité (Securi_T)

The French Ministry of Interior uses SECURIT

Since 2009, the French Ministry of Interior uses SECURIT for the processing of the National Identity Cards and Titles of Stay pictures. In 2015, LCsys upgraded SECURIT by integrating a processing module allowing the video coding of civil status data. SECURIT offers the possibility, with a single tool, to build a computerised file for the manufacturing of a card containing the picture, the signature and the civil status. Since 2015, the French National Health Insurance Fund (“Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie”) is using ‘SECURIT’ for the building of files used in the manufacturing of State Medical Care Cards (“Cartes d'Aide Médicale de l'Etat”).
 In 2015, ‘SECURIT’ was used by the National File Services in charge of the French driving licences.

Optimization of data flow

‘SECURIT’ allows the optimization of data flow by standing at the nearest of your internal procedures (business rules). Our software may be delivered together with a web platform allowing the consultation, validation and exchange of data for all the documents scanned by the various concerned departments.


CONCEPTION of industrial machines dedicated to the manufacturing of security cards

Since 2009, LCsys is in charge of the shipping of the French National Identity Cards distributed by La Poste in more than 40,000 town halls. The shipping machines have been designed former to 2009 by a department led by one of our managers to match the specific demands of the French Ministry of Interior. These machines allow optimized postage thank to grouped dispatches.

Specifically designed by LCsys

Since 2009, LCsys is in charge of the processing of the pictures standing on the French National Identity Cards and the French Titles of Stay on behalf of the French Ministry of Interior. Such processing is conducted on scanning benches specifically designed by LCsys for the Ministry of Interior. The benches are directly operated by the Ministry’s staff, after having been trained by LCsys.

OCRB reading system

In 2010, LCsys designed the machine used by Thales for the checking of the accuracy of the information appearing on the manufactured cards by comparing it with a computerized data file. It is an OCRB reading system.

absolute ID

1,000 cards by hour which offers unavoidable security visible to the naked eye

In 2019, LCsys designed a continuous manufacturing machine for secured cards using AGFA’s Absolut-ID process with in-roll consumables such as polycarbonate, teslin and polyester. Its production volume is of 1,000 cards by hour. The continuous manufacturing allows the customizing of the card during the manufacturing process. AGFA’s Absolut-ID process allows the transfer of variable data (picture, civil status) under the bottom security drawing, which offers unavoidable security visible to the naked eye. Transferred variable data is being computerised with LCsys softwares, thus offering high quality reproduction.